Your never perfect with social media

Wow that is a harsh title, but it is true. I came to this title whiles putting next and previous annotations on some of my videos.I stopped doing this about 1/2 way through. I stopped because I realized that in social media you have to keep up with things and constantly evolve.

constant evolution and progression you should not always worry about some of your old media. while for other things you should make sure all things are updated and continue to move forward. I know that with my vlog I want as much connectedness as possible yet I doubt that many people as they come to my vlog will go back to the very first days i was vlogging.

as of this writing the former 22 or so days has been connected back and forth up to current. I did this so i could start keeping my annotations up to date and that it would be easier to go back and forth. I also did this to get a little more familiar with adding annotations and work flow.

Pesky Rabbits

Now back on point, you will not always do things right in social media the first round. it is learning how to move on from failure or up from the bottom. it is about trial and error, and error correction through mitigation. it is about knowing what to connect where to connect it and how to build and nurture the relationships that follow.

Social Media is a place for humans to do business with other humans. we are in an age where business has to be transparent to be trusted and for a human to be on the other end of the connection. in this era we are making new paths and new ways. we should also fully expect that those behind us will change the way they do business in there own time.

What is your thoughts?

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