What I Listen to for Inspiration

maybe a better title for this post would be what I listen to for motivation. with writing as any adventure in life it is about the right motivation as well as soundtrack. you have to have something that puts you in a mood as well as makes you want to carry on and do something.

so here is a list of things past and current that I listen to for motivation or inspiration

Ben Sage – How the days collide
DJ SpyHunter – Till Daybreak & Powder Breaks (both are great for what they are)
Stateside Collective/ Bamboo/ Force Recordings – Collective Intelligence Vol.1 (my first jungle CD – and still one of the best)

Along with those I find I like a lot of down tempo chill music. I use all these in my writing and to just sit back and relax to. But there are those times when I need to change my mood / mode and I need something different, for that there is

Matt & Kim, Linkin Park, and other poppy, Indy kinds of things.

Last but not least is the music I listen to when im working out and needing to get pumped. here I listen to things like Dropkick Murphys, or Flogging Molly, Project86, and generally the hard side of things. this really does get the blood flowing and the heart racing to make a great work-out.

As you can see my musical taste is just about all over the map. and this is still not all I listen too. I also like trip-hop and old school hip-hop, acid jazz, etc.

So do you listen to for inspiration as well as motivation when you need to get some form of work done?

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