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Ideas Floating in My Head

Why is this my personal writing space? I have all these Ideas floating in my head all the time, and so many times I just do not act on them. Well I can not stand that any more, my ideas need to be freed upon the internet and allowed to grow and change. as well […]

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Free-writing vs posting

there are times that I wonder what I am doing as a writer, vlogger, and such. and I think that what I have realized this is coming to is that if I want to be more successful than what I see now I am going to have to work at it a little more.  I […]

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A week of Passion

This is not some reference to the passion week of Christ before his Crucifixion. No this is something you may hear through out the interwebs. That you have to find a passion and run after it. This week has been an interesting one, Monday through Friday. Everyday I have found someone or something that reminded […]

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