Site issues – Comments fixed

So if you have visited the site and realized you could not comment, well it is fixed now. inelegant by a theme change. well this is good and bad as I have wanted a change around here. just did not want to change in this way.
I am ok with this as for the fact I was wanting to bring a more cohesive look and feel to my little network of sites. so now while you get to look at this site with this off theme and think what is he going to do.

fear not for I will tell you. I plan on having this site, twitter, youtube, and another site all looking about the same color, and background wise. this is how the big boys do it I am going to do it this way as well.
so in the coming time you may see little tweaks here and there untill the release of the new themes.

so that is the quick update from this end

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