Rebooting Myself

I am wanting to be more productive. Over the last few years at work I have gotten into to some bad habits. Watching YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit and not really doing some of the outlying functions of my job. I have to be more productive there so I can also be more productive with some other ideas I have had. I started this experience / expedition a few weeks ago when I bought a new moleskin journal.

Utilizing the moleskin over the past few weeks I started using the Bullet Journal system. I have started to feel some what more productive daily. The journal is small enough to fit into my pocket and take everywhere with me, and this was phase one of the habit reboots. phase two was actually starting to track things with it and use it functionally. Tracking water intake, steps walked, things studied to better understand myself.

My tracking currently consists of walking 5k steps and logging it, logging gratuity everyday, and seeing how often I really am studying for my HAM test.Future me I passed the technician test. On the daily side I am tracking water and tasks. The bullet journal system allows a lot of flexibility in the other parts of layout in my journal, and honestly I am always going to tweak how I do something till it feels right. If you are not hacking your tools you are not doing your job.

Another part of my new system is Trello. I have been using Trello for a few years off more than on, and I am trying to use that for organization of the tasks and hobbies that need to get done. Trello is also a place that I can collaborate with people on tasks and other things.

Future going forward i have added a few notes to my morning alarm and I am hoping that it helps me get and stay more productive. The first alarm just tells me to get up and write, and the other an hour later tells me I am being lazy. Today was teh first time they went off and I laid back down for 30 minutes. Fail. Laying there waking up I realized I was only harming myself and not getting started the way i knew I needed to.

Lastly I am starting to Log things here to start being publicly accountable for myself and some of my projects. I found my self thinking the other day that when I wrote and shared more on social media I felt a little bit happier simply because I looked for the beauty in life more, and I want more of that. I also can make myself accountable to get some of my ideas off the ground and make them take flight.

I went off on a few tangents there and it may not all be straight, but I got it out of my head and published now for the next one.

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