Reaction to Document Don’t Create

The other day I read an article by Garyvee that just made me think, and realize that I don’t document things the best always. Life has so much to it that we can miss and let slip away, and a reoccurring theme that I have had showing up is documentation of life.
A few years ago I was heavily into social media and vloging (did not make it a year.) and there was this push and backlash I was beginning to see about living not documenting. Having experiences and not living through a lens. I was also looking at the implications of the over sharing culture that was experiencing a huge influx at the time. All this and I decided to step back, but I feel I need to shift back the other way and look for the balance that life needs of it.
I am wanting to go back into the documentation and content creation to scratch an itch and hopefully get me motivated in some of my hobbies again.

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