PHP is what it be.

I know what do I ever write that is of importance some times. you probably look at me like what in the heck is wrong with this guy. I have no decent start page, only one link works, the start page looks like crap, etc,etc ,etc.

Well when I am being creative I am working toward a better goal. The last 3 nights I have been learning PHP. Now in the little bit I have done so far I have learned a lot. My hope is that when I am done I will be able to give the whole site a redesign and make it look half way decent. From what I have been playing with in the PHP I have been learning is that I will be able to make almost everything look the same and the whole site will have a better flow. I have noticed in the installations of some for now easter eggs(  look at my convention and you my find them if you need help ask). With the additions I have added in they all have PHP pages, so my thought is to use this to make a more clean site design with better inner conectivity between pages. I have also been making notes and banging my head against the wall trying to remember some of my SQL I learned in high school(yes, I learned some SQL in high school, I was in an Oracle class).

Now PHP coupled with a MySQL DB is nothing new by a long shot. I plan to implement a non web connected computer to host the apache and MySQL DB with PHP installed as to run a database of CPR classes taught . I think with as powerful and light as all these applications are a light computer could handle the workload and it we ever did make the DB accessible to the other instructors a nice PHP and HTML front end could work rather well to send and retrieve data. well back to my nose in a book I figured I would pop my head up and say hey to the real world for a few in my caffeine and Drum and Base induced trance. well all of you out their in TV land have a great day

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