My Ministry

Some things just hit you like a ton of bricks.

This can be things that you have known and thought of for some time. things you may know and understand but not comprehend at one time. those are the moments I am talking about.
I just had one of those moments.
I was sitting reading different blogs and listening to a few sermons on line. I signed up on a blog that if I had a minute or 2 I could write there or share something I had thought of.
I enjoy profiles being filled out and simi-complete that it will at least point to my other works and people can find this main site. well in signing up I found they use the same software I do WordPress. So filling out this profile they have some different boxes than standard. and one asked my Ministry.

I thought on this for 1-2 seconds and had my ah ha moment. I have a ministry and it is not just a thing here or there it is People Reducing Homelessness(PRH).
What Do I DO There? I write on the blog as well as a few other things. but this really becomes bigger when you let the idea marinate just a little longer. it speaks of how we are to serve as a christian. Serving by loving others as yourself, loving by doing, and the like.
but what is an epiphany without action? it is dead.

So what is my charge from this I ask myself. I need to go and move forward on the things that need doing over there as well as here and in the world.

I for a while have been praying for God to reveal what I am to do.  Lo in behold I have had it for some time just not as active as I should be with it.  So taking this charge I run.

here is the main PRH site

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