This post has a few different meanings. First I am moving the blog. Second I moved out. Third forward
I have moved hosting providers a few times in the past but with the consolodation of my blog resources and wanting to save a little money I am moving to a new provider. I am attempting to have as few hiccups as possible along the way. The motivation behind this move was the current hosting did not allow ssh or cron jobs so I had to find someone who did. disclosure: Not paid advert. I moved to A Small Orange. it is a little smaller and not as much bandwidth but as I let this space grow to what I need I can always upgrade or move again.
Last weekend I finally moved what I hope to be the last of my stuff from my moms house, and it cased a bitter sweet feeling when I haded her the house key back. I did not grow up in the church but I have always understood the leaving and cleaving that the bible talks about in reference to marriage, but it hit a little closer, and the feeling is totally different when you leave voluntarily and not because you were asked to move. When I huged my mom the last time before climbing into the van I was overcome with emotion and tears, because I knew I was moving in a direction that was not only exciting, but scary as well. A direction that was new to me.
So back to that leaving your mother and father and cleaving to your wife bit from before. I honestly think that Lisa and I are going to make it, not becase we don’t struggle, but because we are willing to go at this together. When we moved away it was not an attempt to take her away from all that she knew, but a chance for us to be closer to my work, and I think in the long run it will make us closer to one another.
Going forward in life and with this blog I plan to keep track of some of the projects I am working on as well as keeping tabs on some of my development stuff, and I am just looking forward to the ride

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