Learning to Love Iterations

A few weeks ago I was working on a site wiring diagram for an upcoming project. I did a quick draft of it in the moleskin I am carrying around and then I did an iteration on the computer. Diagrams like programs you have to kill the first one. I then drew a better version on isometric graph paper, and then take 2 on the computer. While I think it could still be better it had what was needed for the project and that mattered more than a perfect diagram.

I have learned as I get older how to love the iterations and improve with each one even if it feels like going in reverse. I know that I can be quick and dirty with the first few, but it also serves to get it out and start making it better. I am trying to learn that with some of my iterations it can be a piece or a part of the whole that I am trying to make better.

I don’t think that loving the the iterations came easy for me I have always been someone who did not care how pretty something was, but as I have gotten older I find that slowing down and being a craftsman can give you more pride. All my hobbies I am learning how to slowdown and make beautiful things,and that is what matters more to me now.

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