Ideas Floating in My Head

Why is this my personal writing space?

I have all these Ideas floating in my head all the time, and so many times I just do not act on them. Well I can not stand that any more, my ideas need to be freed upon the internet and allowed to grow and change. as well as influence others, thoughts and actions.

What is the point of having ideas to paint, cook, write, produce videos, etc. if A) I don’t do them and B) I don’t share them. so That is why a lot of my Ideas will be posted here. and if you see an idea that I am not acting on or you want to help with let me know.

I want to see your ideas as well. I want to see what you are passionate about in your own life. what things make you tick, or cause your aha moments. Share in the comments or on your own blog. Maybe your a maker or crafter, or you want to be. Go for it.

So just a little random thought and encouragement on a Thursday Afternoon.

peace and love all


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