Goals for my 27th year

Everyone makes a goal or resolution for there birthday, but it was not till after mine that I really decided it was time to set a few in my own life. I state these here so that I feel I have a little more accountability. a few of my Goals I have already started on the road to getting them done.

  • read the entire bible in 1 year
  • Pay-off my Line of credit
  • vlog 365 days in-a-row
  • Learning PHP
  • writing my first twitter app
  • turning an old laptop into a digi-frame
  • lose 40 lb.s
  • cessation of smoking

They are not many and some rely on other things to be complete first but I think this will be a great year and I have a lot of high hopes. This space on the web is where I will keep track of my progress on some of these, others may be documented else where.



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