Free-writing vs posting

there are times that I wonder what I am doing as a writer, vlogger, and such. and I think that what I have realized this is coming to is that if I want to be more successful than what I see now I am going to have to work at it a little more.  I will have to hone my crafts and do where I haven’t done before.

This is also to apply to procrastination as well as better ways to wast time.

What does this all mean, it means I am stepping up my game. I am stepping up how I do my business. instead of slacking off so much I am going to do. not say I’m going to do as much.

Vlogs are coming to have a purpose and are getting there own site

my main business with DVNT tech will have its own site as a contact funnel.

and this site is still going to be my personal home for writing these random thoughts.

OK, but what is up with the name of this post?

well it was titled because I always wonder should I free write before writing a blog post or not. some days my blog post is my free writing (like today).  then other days I have written the same thing in my head about 30+ times and the words come a little more naturally to me then.

So what is up with all that stuff at the top.

I am writing down goals and tasks that I need to accomplish, as well as warming up for all the other writing I need to accomplish. so as I feel this posting coming to an end and others floating around I bid you adieu.

but what is even worse is when you write and then let it sit for a few days to marinate and let other ideas grow as well. then come back edit and post. that is what I am learning to do. is write 1-3 post a day and tweak on them as I draft others and post when needed.

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