Forklift Upgrade Rewrite

I am doing something stupid and I know it, but it is not going to stop me. I am finally going to be rewriting my companies ticketing software that we have been using for just over the last 4 years. This is an opportunity to customize some functionality and data storage to more closely track how my company uses this software and documents what we do. Maybe I am just jumpy about this.

I have had the privilege to work from home on this rewrite, and in as much as I am writing this software I am also building infrastructure code and prepping for redundancy. I am using a few tools to help in this endeavor and tracking some of it here. In the tool belt for this is Flask, Ansible, and virtualbox.

Firstly I am doing a lot of the software in python, at least as much as I can. in using the Flask framework for the ticketing software also requires JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This is standard fair.

Another tool I am using for this is Ansible. I am using it to build a reproducible environment locally that I can push to the data-center and have the application just run. This also keeps the configuration for the machines and applications managed so we can move data-centers or just machines quickly. There has been a few times when using the PHP application, or when I am working on building out a Nagios install that is not under config management. it becomes a guess and test for dependencies quickly, and can turn a 3 hour job into 3 days.

Virtual box is only for the local virtualization of my infrastructure I need to build. I am looking at ways to migrate off of this, but currently it is used by other people who occasionally support my. so not something I can whole sale change ATM.

From the time I started this piece in December I have made a lot of headway and in some follow up pieces I will talk about some of the issues I have faced as I am building this software.

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