First Contacts

This last weekend I finished building an antenna for 2 meter ham radio. I have been building this antenna for about a month or so. I bought the parts and put must of it together in an afternoon, then it sat for more than I care to admit. The antenna sat for a while as I did not have my HAM Ticket as it is called. Friday though it came in after 14 days of waiting for it I am known to the FCC and other HAM’s as KM4WHU.

Saturday afternoon I build a makeshift antenna mast and sent my antenna up over 11ft in the air off of a tripod, light-bulb extension pole, pvc, and zip ties. I made contact with KM4WHT a man who took the test the same day as I, off the local repeater. I then made contact with K4RAY off a repeater more than 35 miles away. I felt good about making it that far off a few small pieces of cooper on an so-239 connector.wp-1472607647386.jpg

I found a video on youtube by user K7AGE on building the 1/4 wave ground plane antenna. I found it to be a great antenna on the little bit I have used it, but plan to use it more and see what else I can do with it.

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