Evolution of My World View

There have been many times that my world point of view has been Jaded and way off the mark. I know my view has grown and in the past I have published things that started controversy. I feel that they show where I was as this does. I hope that they are taken in context and events can be explained as needed in the future.
Why am I writing this now?
Here in Florida there is a Church that was going to be burning the Qur’an. I see how this may effect the world religious realm. As well as how it can change the situation for our soldiers in the middle east.

Now at the time of editing and writing the original burning has been cancelled but others have taken up the charge.
In no way do I support these people but I will support the 1st amendment on freedom of speech. Even with freedom of speech we need to police ourselves. Not so we don’t offend but to know we are truly doing or saying the right thing when needed.

I feel this act could fully set off a bigger religious war than is now and that would not soon be over.We would see more death of American troops as well as more christian missionaries torchered over seas. That is what I do not want to see happen.

On the other hand

As crazy as an act of burning another persons holy book is I look to the future of being hated as a Christian. This would fulfill the prophesy of being hated for the name sake of Christ.  But we still don’t know when His return will be.

I digress there is enough out there on the Qur’an burning Church.

The main point I was stating before the rabbit trail is this. As I get older I mature and I see things in a different light. Growing mentally we are better able to express what we feel about our geopolitical environment.

I want to know is there anything you have said or written in the past that now shows how little you truly knew about something?

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