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Video failed to save – Documentation Day 059

via IFTTT I shot some footage of making tea this morning and then it did not save. I only found it when I was editing the video and so this is a short one. honestly I don’t think there was anything I could have done other than not be impatient with the phone that could […]

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Sql sort by figured out – Documentation Day 052

via IFTTT For the last few days I was struggling on getting the sorting and grouping of tickets working correctly in the ticketing system I am writing. I was misusing the group by function in SQLAlchemy. in setting up my query I had sq.query.filter(my filters).group_by(filter).sort_by(filter) I found that only using the sorty by and using […]

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Interesting Interfaces

User experience is a huge thing when designing applications and public facing kiosks. You have to think of how the public will use and abuse this device, and how it will deal with the elements if it is outside. I like to think about these things when I am interacting with a new device out […]

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From my ipod

So I am writing this from am IPod I know right, welcome to 2008 right. I think in time this will help me get some drafts Down and some small editing and maintenance done here and there. I have Also downloaded a few apps for other things like a bible and evernote. So that was […]

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Goals for my 27th year

Everyone makes a goal or resolution for there birthday, but it was not till after mine that I really decided it was time to set a few in my own life. I state these here so that I feel I have a little more accountability. a few of my Goals I have already started on […]

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PHP is what it be.

I know what do I ever write that is of importance some times. you probably look at me like what in the heck is wrong with this guy. I have no decent start page, only one link works, the start page looks like crap, etc,etc ,etc. Well when I am being creative I am working […]

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