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vlog reboot

Last night I uploaded a new video to my main channel on youtube. and then woke up in the middle of the night to find a copyright violation, which was valid for the music I was using, but I do not have to remove the video. What is this video your probably not asking. I […]

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Your doing it wrong

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” – Henry Ford Like most things on this site here I put them here for as much me as you. I stumbled upon this quote this morning and decided to share it here. First I have too many places I can share my […]

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My 3 words for 2011

Well I really have 4 words this year. Evolve, create, reinvest, and balance. 1st Evolve -what is evolution but to grow and change? I want to take some of the projects I have worked on in the past and rework what is there to bring something new.  I want to put in a framework here […]

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From my ipod

So I am writing this from am IPod I know right, welcome to 2008 right. I think in time this will help me get some drafts Down and some small editing and maintenance done here and there. I have Also downloaded a few apps for other things like a bible and evernote. So that was […]

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Evolution of My World View

There have been many times that my world point of view has been Jaded and way off the mark. I know my view has grown and in the past I have published things that started controversy. I feel that they show where I was as this does. I hope that they are taken in context […]

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we all are narcissists

I know it was hard for me to think about it too. But really look at your self, there is some part that has a feeling of wanting to be the center of something. even if it is just taking the time of one person and wanting to be the center of their world. But […]

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What I Listen to for Inspiration

maybe a better title for this post would be what I listen to for motivation. with writing as any adventure in life it is about the right motivation as well as soundtrack. you have to have something that puts you in a mood as well as makes you want to carry on and do something. […]

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Ideas Floating in My Head

Why is this my personal writing space? I have all these Ideas floating in my head all the time, and so many times I just do not act on them. Well I can not stand that any more, my ideas need to be freed upon the internet and allowed to grow and change. as well […]

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A Big Step

There are many people in my life that know how psoriasis affects me. A sub-set of those know my thoughts on helping others with the same condition. So I took a huge step for me, I signed up for a clinical trial. that is right I signed up to be a human guinea pig. but […]

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Site issues – Comments fixed

So if you have visited the site and realized you could not comment, well it is fixed now. inelegant by a theme change. well this is good and bad as I have wanted a change around here. just did not want to change in this way. I am ok with this as for the fact […]

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