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Video failed to save – Documentation Day 059

via IFTTT I shot some footage of making tea this morning and then it did not save. I only found it when I was editing the video and so this is a short one. honestly I don’t think there was anything I could have done other than not be impatient with the phone that could […]

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Before I lay me down to sleep

Today marks day 2 of my Daniel fast and tomorrow I start school. It is a new year and I am looking forward to where it takes me. I write these thoughts as I begin to prepare my self for sleep. To any who read this I will talk to you tomorrow

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we all are narcissists

I know it was hard for me to think about it too. But really look at your self, there is some part that has a feeling of wanting to be the center of something. even if it is just taking the time of one person and wanting to be the center of their world. But […]

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What I Listen to for Inspiration

maybe a better title for this post would be what I listen to for motivation. with writing as any adventure in life it is about the right motivation as well as soundtrack. you have to have something that puts you in a mood as well as makes you want to carry on and do something. […]

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Ideas Floating in My Head

Why is this my personal writing space? I have all these Ideas floating in my head all the time, and so many times I just do not act on them. Well I can not stand that any more, my ideas need to be freed upon the internet and allowed to grow and change. as well […]

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Hacking Thought

Earlier this week I was reading “The Top Idea in Your Mind“. In this article Paul Graham talks about what you think most about in theĀ  shower is what you tend to drift to when your mind has a free moment. So I want to know can you hack thought? What, how are you wanting […]

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Free Random Thoughts

what is in a name of a post. so many times before I write I try and find the name of the post and write from there. this does not always work. so today I thought I would try something a little different, I would write then come up with a clever title and maybe […]

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PHP is what it be.

I know what do I ever write that is of importance some times. you probably look at me like what in the heck is wrong with this guy. I have no decent start page, only one link works, the start page looks like crap, etc,etc ,etc. Well when I am being creative I am working […]

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