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Automation of Marketing Your Content

I love robots and have for many years with the myriad of things that science fiction has shown me they can and will do #NotAllRobots. See two things bloomed my interest in programming WordPress and robots. I thought if I knew how to program php and extend WordPress I could have a business, but learning […]

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Interesting Interfaces

User experience is a huge thing when designing applications and public facing kiosks. You have to think of how the public will use and abuse this device, and how it will deal with the elements if it is outside. I like to think about these things when I am interacting with a new device out […]

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Building A Game

Last night I started to build a game in Java, and in the end I know it will not stay in Java, but I started there. I started there so I could… 1) I started 2) This is just a test bed 3) profit??? Night 1 I got a dice class written and got some […]

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