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Freedom Journal Sprint 3 Recap – Documentation Day 058

via IFTTT Sprint 3 Recap 3 Goals I accomplished -Set up a subreddit for myself -Automated the posting of the vlog to reddit – Surprise Accomplishment More twitter followers Top 3 Goals for next sprint -Ship 2 non-vlog videos –Ideas —Sublime Text 3 Anaconda install —Interview test —Tea Video -Interview Vance about brewing -Clean up […]

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25 day review – Documentation Day 057


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Easter eggs and 10 minute videos – Documentation Day 054


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Today I turned 33. Year over year this is just another day in my life, but it a good point of reflection if you let it be. Year over year we have this milestone date that many people look foreword to, but to others is really just another day another date. Mine was made great […]

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Learning to Love Iterations

A few weeks ago I was working on a site wiring diagram for an upcoming project. I did a quick draft of it in the moleskin I am carrying around and then I did an iteration on the computer. Diagrams like programs you have to kill the first one. I then drew a better version […]

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Rebooting Myself

I am wanting to be more productive. Over the last few years at work I have gotten into to some bad habits. Watching YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit and not really doing some of the outlying functions of my job. I have to be more productive there so I can also be more productive with some […]

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Before I lay me down to sleep

Today marks day 2 of my Daniel fast and tomorrow I start school. It is a new year and I am looking forward to where it takes me. I write these thoughts as I begin to prepare my self for sleep. To any who read this I will talk to you tomorrow

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From my ipod

So I am writing this from am IPod I know right, welcome to 2008 right. I think in time this will help me get some drafts Down and some small editing and maintenance done here and there. I have Also downloaded a few apps for other things like a bible and evernote. So that was […]

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My Ministry

Some things just hit you like a ton of bricks. This can be things that you have known and thought of for some time. things you may know and understand but not comprehend at one time. those are the moments I am talking about. I just had one of those moments. Background: I was sitting […]

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we all are narcissists

I know it was hard for me to think about it too. But really look at your self, there is some part that has a feeling of wanting to be the center of something. even if it is just taking the time of one person and wanting to be the center of their world. But […]

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