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Today I turned 33. Year over year this is just another day in my life, but it a good point of reflection if you let it be. Year over year we have this milestone date that many people look foreword to, but to others is really just another day another date. Mine was made great […]

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From my ipod

So I am writing this from am IPod I know right, welcome to 2008 right. I think in time this will help me get some drafts Down and some small editing and maintenance done here and there. I have Also downloaded a few apps for other things like a bible and evernote. So that was […]

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Evolution of My World View

There have been many times that my world point of view has been Jaded and way off the mark. I know my view has grown and in the past I have published things that started controversy. I feel that they show where I was as this does. I hope that they are taken in context […]

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Site issues – Comments fixed

So if you have visited the site and realized you could not comment, well it is fixed now. inelegant by a theme change. well this is good and bad as I have wanted a change around here. just did not want to change in this way. I am ok with this as for the fact […]

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PHP is what it be.

I know what do I ever write that is of importance some times. you probably look at me like what in the heck is wrong with this guy. I have no decent start page, only one link works, the start page looks like crap, etc,etc ,etc. Well when I am being creative I am working […]

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