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Not a dispatcher #IAm911 – Documentation Day 056

via IFTTT This was an interesting call that I got to hear today, and hear some of the back history of this family. In the end it turned out well, but could have ended a lot worse than it did. It was about 10:00AM and I was doing my routine maintenance on the phone system. […]

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Easter eggs and 10 minute videos – Documentation Day 054


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Star Wars Episode 8 Trailer Reaction- Documentation Day 053

via IFTTT My reaction and talk through of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. I also talk about some of my initial thoughts on the grey Jedi and how i don’t really think you can call a Jedi grey. Disclosure a majority of my knowledge does come sole from the film cannon and […]

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Automation of Marketing Your Content

I love robots and have for many years with the myriad of things that science fiction has shown me they can and will do #NotAllRobots. See two things bloomed my interest in programming WordPress and robots. I thought if I knew how to program php and extend WordPress I could have a business, but learning […]

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Today I turned 33. Year over year this is just another day in my life, but it a good point of reflection if you let it be. Year over year we have this milestone date that many people look foreword to, but to others is really just another day another date. Mine was made great […]

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A Conversation with My Wife

The other night Lisa and I had a conversation about the documentation project and a some side videos of my Psoriasis I have been shooting lately. The crux of the conversation centered around the next year and documenting the change physically by exercising together. These are early negotiations and we are not sure if and […]

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Remix Everything is an Inspiration

Here is the video that sparked some of my initial thought by Kirby Ferguson. So why is this so special to me? This video gives me hope that some insane idea I come up with can gain traction and go big. It excuses me on the volume of media I consume. Some of it will […]

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How Ad based Sales Funnels Work

The original title for this was “How Freelance Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnels work”, but it was too long and this is really how most sales funnels work to some degree. The basic overview is that you place an ad in front of an audience. Someone clicks the ad and that sends them to a “Squeeze […]

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Vlogging on Android

I will be revisiting this topic a few times over the next year, but here is the first iteration of this. The Documentation project videos and most if not all my videos will be shot and edited on my phone. This is an experiment in how much video production end to end can be done […]

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Your never perfect with social media

Wow that is a harsh title, but it is true. I came to this title whiles putting next and previous annotations on some of my videos.I stopped doing this about 1/2 way through. I stopped because I realized that in social media you have to keep up with things and constantly evolve. constant evolution and […]

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