Automation of Marketing Your Content

I love robots and have for many years with the myriad of things that science fiction has shown me they can and will do #NotAllRobots. See two things bloomed my interest in programming WordPress and robots. I thought if I knew how to program php and extend WordPress I could have a business, but learning a few other languages I found other areas of coding i liked more. Around the same time I found WordPress I had also found Arduino. The Arduino platform is a great learning tool and I made a simple rover bot on it, blinked a few LED’s, and even found distance with echo #NotAllRobots. Not all robots thou have wheels or feet and they are just pieces of code automating a system.

Automation is what caught my fancy in school. The ability to make long and redundant tasks automated was eye opening. Many API’s exist just to have integration with other applications and to be extended, but not every one is a programmer or wants to be one and for that applications and services exist. If This Then That shortened IFTTT, Zapier, and others are in this application space and offer users the ability to connect services in interesting ways. Disclosure I use IFTTT and it is what today’s post is on.

As of this writing I have been Vlogging for 52 days, and this time I am working to grow my audience and put into action a lot of the marketing tactics I have studied off and on for years. Most marketing is getting a brand in as front of the target audience as much as possible. This is achieved in many ways from targeted ad campaigns to grass roots sharing tactics. I am aiming for the grass roots currently and pushing into the ad’s later when I have something to sell.

Back to how I am using IFTTT to automate my marketing. This is not a step by step tutorial, but if you want one let me know. First I took and made an applet on IFTTT that connected YouTube and Twitter to post out every time I uploaded a new vlog. For a week I was also manually posting to Instagram and am looking to how I can auto mate that or have more value with posting to that channel later. I followed up the twitter posting with adding a card to a projects board in Trello, not remembering why at the moment.

The next arm of my strategy was posting my video on my Blog and cross posting to Medium. I set that up with a WordPress plugin. After posting I hit Medium to add in my tags for the post. I also set this up for content that I write and don’t post on YouTube to be picked up and syndicated there.

Today i set up 2 more channels on IFTTT one takes and makes a draft post and the other posts to a subreddit I created /r/JollyHobbler. I set them up because I am looking to widen my net to find my audience and have engagement with my content. This was influenced by a tool called vidIQ that I recently signed up for. As I look at YouTube and really my own videos it gives me some useful analytical data, as well as tips and tricks to make your posting better. I automated from the start so I could experiment with the link building faster.

In the world of social media there are a lot of channels you can post your content out to. I think something I learned from Chris Brogan needs to be remembered and that is these other channels should be driving traffic back to your main content hub. You can tailor the content to the channel when you push it out, but the message should thread through all the posts the same.

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