Name: Charles Rice


AKA: or1gb1u3

AKA: Ecko

DOB: **/**/1984

Location: Somewhere on the internet

AFK: Orange Park, FL


First exposure to computers at age 10, learning how to move around the Windows 3.11 operating system. Age 16 started building computers from old hardware, and first exposure to Linux. At age 17 started the Cisco systems CCNA Training, helped build, and manage the classroom network as well as lab network. This training inspired a love of networks and most things about them. In helping with the Classroom network and computer administration, learned a lot about diagnosing and fixing various issues. from there he continued learning and studying various computer Operating Systems  and learning more and more information about web design coding, SEO, and Social Media.

in 2008 I took active steps to bring his own company DVNT Technologies to reality, which he later found out someone else owned the domain. Taking on a few clients for in home computer repair, and consultation in social media and web site set-up .

Began DJ’ing off and on from 2002 and preformed under the monikers of DJ Blue, Blue_Dot_Special, and Stephan Posaner. Played more of a laid back lounge music, but started with trance, house, and break-beats. From there moving into drum and bass, as well as ragga and jungle. when he returned back to the music in 2008 and had to learn new software to do it all from from his computer. Currently He is not preforming.