A Big Step

There are many people in my life that know how psoriasis affects me. A sub-set of those know my thoughts on helping others with the same condition. So I took a huge step for me, I signed up for a clinical trial.

that is right I signed up to be a human guinea pig.

but let me digress for a moment or two here. For a while I have been trying to find my passion, and I think it has been under my skin the whole time. This is the reason I am writing about this, Advocacy, of my conditions and to help others with this.

I did this not do this for me to test the next round of drugs coming down the pipe, or even to clear my skin up. I am doing this for generations to come, if not for the generation of my children then for their children. my hope in doing this is so children do not have to have the same issues growing up that I did. The depression and scratching are one part, the “is it contagious” question is another. There is also the constant feeling of being pushed away by other children.

So I am going to Orlando on the 26th for the initial interview to start on this test trial. I plan to keep some log of this adventure here as well as my vlogs. the keeping of records is so i can track what is going on and so can you.

So as we embark on this new adventure I open this up for comments, and ask you this. Would you ever sign up for a clinical trial?

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