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A Conversation with My Wife

The other night Lisa and I had a conversation about the documentation project and a some side videos of my Psoriasis I have been shooting lately. The crux of the conversation centered around the next year and documenting the change physically by exercising together. These are early negotiations and we are not sure if and […]

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Unsolicited Sharing of Content

It is amazing when you create content that others find worthy of sharing. I celebrate a little of that in this video. But really I think it was awesome and pushes me to write more and hopefully not have a fluke with that one post.

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Remix Everything is an Inspiration

Here is the video that sparked some of my initial thought by Kirby Ferguson. So why is this so special to me? This video gives me hope that some insane idea I come up with can gain traction and go big. It excuses me on the volume of media I consume. Some of it will […]

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How Ad based Sales Funnels Work

The original title for this was “How Freelance Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnels work”, but it was too long and this is really how most sales funnels work to some degree. The basic overview is that you place an ad in front of an audience. Someone clicks the ad and that sends them to a “Squeeze […]

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Sales Systems ahha Moment

I had an ahha moment when recording my Vlog the other day. It was post watching a webinar on Freelance Affiliate Marketing. I was looking at the system to see if it was something I wanted to do myself and my thought was I think I can figure this thing out. See I have been […]

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15 to beat procrastination

I procrastinate way too much to feel productive some times. and over the last few weeks I keep telling my self to write for 45 minutes. A podcast was asked about changing habits and his answer 15 minute cunks what will I do the next time I have 15 minutes with that projet? This was […]

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Understanding Agile Development Workflow

A few weeks ago my week was put in a state of forced reconfiguration, and I am still recovering. Ii started having to report back to a site once a week and that throws off how my week was starting., but I think I finally have a handle on what is going on. See the […]

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I hate Mac vs PC

One of my biggest gripes with marketing in the last bit of time has been the Mac vs PC debate. The issue is that semantics state Mac is a PC. See PC stands for Personal Computer and unfortunately it gets tied to Microsoft and windows. My next issue with it is that you are discounting […]

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Vlogging so far

For just past the last week I have taken back to vlogging, and it has been all on Android. I have hit a wall only once or twice, but I have found a way around when I needed to. The biggest issue so far is storage management, as I have ran out of space on […]

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Flask uploads

Over the last week I have been implementing file uploads into the ticketing system. Right now I am using the basic code samples found on the Flask website here and here. I am adding 2 so I am fighting code duplication, as well there is a multi-file select that i am looking at using aw […]

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