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flask migrate sqlalchemy uri issue

In this whole rewrite project i have come accross a few issues. one being that when using flask migrate was that my mysql connector was giving issues akin to this issue on stackoverflow. Looking at the traceback caused me to just add another URI connection to circuvent the issue for the time being. Today i […]

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Vlogging on Android

I will be revisiting this topic a few times over the next year, but here is the first iteration of this. The Documentation project videos and most if not all my videos will be shot and edited on my phone. This is an experiment in how much video production end to end can be done […]

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vlog reboot

Last night I uploaded a new video to my main channel on youtube. and then woke up in the middle of the night to find a copyright violation, which was valid for the music I was using, but I do not have to remove the video. What is this video your probably not asking. I […]

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Documentation part duex

This is the second post I am writing today, but it feels good. I have been thinking alot on documentation lately as it was brought up last week by John over on in his daily vlog. I have been listening to him and to Mike Levin. They are both documenting in different ways, and […]

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SSL Cert Errors

Have you ever thought you fixed something, but later it turns out you didn’t. Well That happened with an ssl cert for a site I manage, and thankfully nothing bad has happened. This did lead me to find 2 commands that I found super useful. first $ openssl req -noout -text -in example.csr | grep […]

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