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First Contacts

This last weekend I finished building an antenna for 2 meter ham radio. I have been building this antenna for about a month or so. I bought the parts and put must of it together in an afternoon, then it sat for more than I care to admit. The antenna sat for a while as […]

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Learning to Love Iterations

A few weeks ago I was working on a site wiring diagram for an upcoming project. I did a quick draft of it in the moleskin I am carrying around and then I did an iteration on the computer. Diagrams like programs you have to kill the first one. I then drew a better version […]

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Interesting Interfaces

User experience is a huge thing when designing applications and public facing kiosks. You have to think of how the public will use and abuse this device, and how it will deal with the elements if it is outside. I like to think about these things when I am interacting with a new device out […]

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Rebooting Myself

I am wanting to be more productive. Over the last few years at work I have gotten into to some bad habits. Watching YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit and not really doing some of the outlying functions of my job. I have to be more productive there so I can also be more productive with some […]

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