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Site Move

I know no one comes here but if things go wonky we are moving files around today

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This post has a few different meanings. First I am moving the blog. Second I moved out. Third forward I have moved hosting providers a few times in the past but with the consolodation of my blog resources and wanting to save a little money I am moving to a new provider. I am attempting […]

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Wax Taylor – Que Sera [PotW]

[Published For Postarity during the move] Wax taylors delivered this tune a few years back but I am new to it. This Pick of the Week is a funky downtempo track with a sample from the 1956 song Que Sera Sera by Doris Day. there is also various other samples overlayed but the main one […]

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Yesterday was my birthday and I am now 29. Every year I see a few of the another year older posts, and this is my me too phase of one. Some of the things that have happened in the last year. – A new job I started a new job working with a company that […]

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For far too many years I have maintained too many locations to find my writings and crazy on the web, and as of today I am narrowing my focus to just this site. I will be bringing in my old writing and focusing on the stuff that really does interest me. For those who know […]

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