Monthly Archives: July 2010

Free Random Thoughts

what is in a name of a post. so many times before I write I try and find the name of the post and write from there. this does not always work. so today I thought I would try something a little different, I would write then come up with a clever title and maybe […]

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Anti-social Digital Socialite

This post has been some time in the making. I have had to gather my thoughts as to make myself clear. where this post comes from is from time looking at my social circles in life digitally and analog. You may be asking your self “what does Ecko mean by this title?” I tend to […]

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Real Emotion

most days I feel apathetic, other days I feel like a crying mess. But in the end of all this I know I feel some sort of emotion, I feel something, I think people hide from their emotions by putting up emotional walls. And it is when we are all alone in solitude that we […]

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