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Your never perfect with social media

Wow that is a harsh title, but it is true. I came to this title whiles putting next and previous annotations on some of my videos.I stopped doing this about 1/2 way through. I stopped because I realized that in social media you have to keep up with things and constantly evolve. constant evolution and […]

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A week of Passion

This is not some reference to the passion week of Christ before his Crucifixion. No this is something you may hear through out the interwebs. That you have to find a passion and run after it. This week has been an interesting one, Monday through Friday. Everyday I have found someone or something that reminded […]

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Hope, hope is a beautiful thing when allowed to live in moderation.

There are days in my life where I feel like a King with no crown, & no subjects. Sitting by my self in the throne all alone in this huge world,Ego-ed in what I can do. Most days I am humbled by what there is I still need to do, and learn to make my life better.

Constantly trying to move forward in this journey, and not slack-off , striving to make this (what ever this is) work. trying not to reinvent myself but better who I am, and help other people while doing it. This is what I am wanting to be about.

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